About Me

I have been a Financial Debt Consultant for several years and greatly enjoy the dynamic and creative nature of the work. I offer a particular blend of expertise, skill and rapport that assists my clients with dealing competently and effectively with debt problems.  

Because I view people from the “big picture” perspective, I see the debt problem as a financial one, therefore a more comprehensive and long lasting solution is required.

I am unique in the debt help industry because recommended debt solution are based on a comprehensive “snap shot” of your financial situation using the More Money Financial Plan.  Most companies offer just one debt solution – a “one size fits all” approach dictated by their business model.  I offer up a debt help plan and potential debt solutions based on you and your needs. 

This “big picture” perspective is based on my career prior to Financial Debt Consulting in which I was a counsellor, instructor and curriculum consultant.  My work required me to have a holistic view of people and problems. Over the course of 20 years, I amassed a varied and rich resume, thus developing a very good set of generalist skills.  By the time I concluded my career in human services, I was providing financial consultation to non-profit organisations that were losing funding due to government cuts, and quickly discovered a certain amount of “thinking outside the box” was required to keep a non-profit afloat.

I loved dealing with financial matters but missed working with people and required a change. I could have successfully shifted within my chosen field, however, I decided I wanted a little more of a challenge whilst retaining the part I loved most – helping people effectively deal with challenging issues in their lives. The result?  Financial Debt Consulting – the perfect blend of counselling and financial consultation.

I have greatly appreciated the feedback I have received from clients and colleagues in my role as Financial Debt Consultant.  I have been told that I have a high degree of professionalism, a lovely rapport, creativity, understanding, and a keen eye for financial matters. 

To learn more about how my particular skill set can assist you with getting rid of your debt, contact me for a free consultation and we can start your More Money Financial Plan today.